Traction First, Passive Income Second



Passive income is great. But don’t let it get over your head too early… especially when you first discovered your traction.

Once you find that one thing that works, you need to hustle 24/7.

Yes, that means trading time for money.

And I know what you’re thinking, you’re saying, “Hey Joel, isn’t that trading time for money?”

“Joel, I started a business because I didn’t want to trade time for money!”

Who cares?

Bottom line is that it’s MONEY.

Money can help you hire talent, buy tools, place your ads, grow your mailing list.

Getting as much money as possible is crucial during this early stage because it’s the FUEL to grow.


Too many people try to remove themselves from their business too early in the process (the passive income approach is so appealing, isn’t it?)

They leave the office earlier. They go for vacations.

And it stunts their growth.

When you’re at the early stage of your business, you do not have the luxury to discriminate between passive money or hustle money.

You just need it. As much of it as possible.

So hustle MORE when you first find your traction.

Build momentum so crazy that you can accomplish what others take 3 years to do in 1 year.

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