Extended Leave of Absence


My dad was discharged out of Neuro-ICU last night and warded back into a normal ward.

He underwent a 7-hour operation to remove a tumor at the spinal cord.

His condition is stable now, but still battling with Stage 4 cancer.

He will proceed next with chemotherapy treatment.

I want to thank all family, friends for your care and concern. You guys have been great.

And to my colleagues, partners and investors, I seek your understanding for my extended leave of absence from work.

“Luck” is just an excuse


One day, a social networking app for whiskey drinkers called burbn was created. It failed due to it’s complexity. The creators realized the picture function was the most popular aspect. Soon after that realization, they created an app dedicated to photo sharing. Instagram was born.

A few years ago, 2 guys needed to find a way to make some money. So they bought some air mattresses and told people they could pay for a bed and breakfast. Airbnb was born. However, it only made $200/month for a long time. The owners needed money, so they created Obama O’s cereal during the election and made 30k. Soon after, the owners of Airbnb improved their product with that money and took advantage of Craigslist’s API. Now they’re one the biggest hospitality businesses in the world.

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Scaling Strategy


Zero to 6 figures is easy. You can unlock it with pure brute force.

This means taking massive action. Yes, action alone can take you to 6 figures a year.

7 figures IMO is all about strategy and knowing your shit. Brute force alone can’t get you to 7-figures. Execution alone means nothing without knowing the concepts and strategy that can take you to scale.

8 figures IMO is all about transiting to think like a business man/investor. You need to strike a balance between exploration and exploitation. Explore too much, with too little exploitation = bankrupt. Keep exploiting with no exploration means your competitors get ahead of you.

One Sales Funnel away from breakthrough



You’re just ONE SALES FUNNEL away from your breakthrough…

Rich Schefren became a guru with “Internet Business Manifesto”

Mike Geary became #1 on Clickbank with “Truth About Abs”

Tim Ferris became an investor/adviser for Billion Dollar startups with “4 Hour Work Week”

So keep hustling, as you might just be one step away from your breakthrough

The Illusion of Credibility



I’ve always been very curious why certain fad weight loss diets go so viral so quickly…

One of my observations is this…

Say today CNN wants to feature a highly credible program such as “The China Study”. It’s written by Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell… and in the book, there’s THOUSANDS of references. It’s scientific, fact-based and highly credible.

But CNN realizes they can’t do a program on this without featuring a contrasting viewpoint.

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Sell the path of least resistance


Unless you’re selling to bodybuilders (think workouts like Insanity or P90x), most of your prospects would want solutions that require little work and time to implement.

One of the programs we marketed recently involved following a 21 day training plan. The basis is that you need to follow through on an activity for 21 days to form a new habit. The conversion rate is 2%. Sad.

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