Hand-write Salescopy the smarter way


Seeing the BIG PICTURE in hand writing copies.

It’s a popular technique given by gurus to fledgling copywriters. And often, they don’t explain what to look out for when doing the exercise.

Hence, I often see most copywriters just blindly copying it. And when asked what they have learned, they say “It’s the way it’s written”, “It’s the style”, or “How dense the use of verbs”.

Yes, those are good learning points. BUT you’re missing the BIG PICTURE.

What you want to get at the end of the exercise is a clear breakdown of the STRUCTURE of the salescopy. And actually mentally swipe it into your brain.

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Be Open-Minded When It Comes To Lead Generation


Too many companies obsess over a single form of lead generation and ignore the others, often because of some past experience.

There’s marketing evangelists: “We don’t want to interrupt prospects, we only want them to find us.”

Then there are product evangelists: “If you have to market and sell your product, it’s not good enough.” (Psst: Google says this all the time!)

And finally there’s sales evangelists: “Marketing is a waste of money. Only direct sales works.”

So here’s the funny thing.

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Why you need to attack your end-goal multi-directional


So here’s the background story: We wanted to scale this ONE OFFER that was converting like crazy on both warm and cold traffic. The One-Time-Offer (a recurring offer) was converting at 35% on cold traffic – which makes it super rarer. But we had one problem, people weren’t sticking long enough for us to get a decent 100% ROI (that was our end-goal). So we said, let’s focused on solving the retention problem. Long story short, 3 months down the road, and we still couldn’t solve the retention problem. What hurt really bad was the time lost, and the lack of direction moving forward was paralyzing.

We eventually reached our end-goal not through solving the retention but by implementing various other strategies (high backend offers etc). Had we done that earlier, we would have been highly profitable so much earlier.

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How to hack your Direct Response funnels for scale?


Direct response is a god-send.

With just a few hundred dollars, and some skills, a direct response marketer can scale a funnel by reinvesting the earnings again and again to millions of dollars. And that’s probably the most amazing “invention” since sliced bread.

Yet at the same time, direct response funnels in general has a huge limitation.

It has a ZERO or sometimes negative viral coefficient.

It’s no surprise since direct response focuses a lot on hard selling… where we are often too focused on that immediate sale, that we forsaken the long-term relationship we can build with the customer.

So to scale, this means putting in more advertising dollars (more PUSH marketing) till the whole thing falls apart.

So how do we hack this?

Take a leaf out of the “Billion Dollars Startups” playbook… companies such as Dropbox, AirBNB… they don’t grow to that scale purely on advertising dollars.

They have a very positive viral coefficient.

P.S Your viral coefficient must be greater than 1 to have viral growth.

“Live Cheaply” So You Can Afford To Try And Fail More…


In today’s lacklustre economy, it’s more important than ever to live “cheaply”. Personal and business spending habits. Have as little loans as possible, and have as much cashflow as possible.

When you have little debt and maximum cashflow, you can work the numbers to your favor. You can give yourself every opportunity to try out a new project, a new venture or a new idea.

The more you try, the more you produce in this economy, the “Law of Averages” will gradually kick in and take care of your downside. A very simple concept yet very difficult to implement if you have debt and little cash to invest.

Whatever your plans are, the first step is to “live cheaply” starting today. After all, in business, you can fail as many times, but you just need to be RIGHT ONCE, and you might just be set for life.

Execution vs Ideas


We all heard the cliche, “Execution of one good idea is far greater than 10 great ideas”.

It is true for many beginner entrepreneurs when there is a lot of INERTIA in your life and taking massive action seems the biggest obstacle.

But as time goes by, as you become experienced and seasoned. When you have a team to help you, and when you have transformed yourself into a man of action, perhaps you might see what I see.

You might realize that being a man of contemplation comes FIRST, will there be a place for the man of action.

Ideas is the new currency of this unpredictable economy. Disruptions happen so quickly, and businesses go into stagnant as quickly as well.

You need to be an IDEA MACHINE 24/7 to find new problems to solve, new ideas to spur your stagnant business, new perspectives to frame your solutions. Because if you’re going to continue doing things the old way, you’re going out of business really soon.

Still not convinced? Think ideas are plentiful? Or that you’re an idea machine?

Here’s a challenge: Try sitting down with a pen and paper, and in the next 10 minutes, brainstorm 10 new ideas that can give you business a new stimulus of leads and cash.

Get a pen and paper, and in the next 10 minutes, brainstorm 10 NEW BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES that you can work on and grow into a million dollar

Statistical Significance vs Practical Significance


Marketers harped a lot on Statistical Significance. It’s as though throwing this buzzword makes you smarter. Sorry to douse cold water on you, but statistical significance is not the most important metric in conversion hacking.

Practical Significance is in fact, the determining factor. As the name suggests, is all that hacking you’re doing worth the effort? Is it practical?

I’ve seen marketers and their teams get obsessed with tweaking all that minor stuff just to get a 5-20% boost. The small stuff includes: color of the headline, font type, size, weight, buy now buttons as well as making small changes to headlines. And I understand the train of thought… many small boosts equal a huge win. Really?

Well, Practical Significance is only concerned with whether the result is useful in the real world. Tweaking the small stuff is useful, but would never have the same impact and weightage as tweaking the major stuff – the BIG IDEA, the hook, the PROOF elements.

Statistical significance vs Practical significance. Make sure you focus more on practical significance.

How to hack your knowledge gaps with Upwork.com


To go from where you ARE to where you want to BE is often hindered by obstacles.

One of the biggest enemies will no doubt be knowledge gap.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

The quickest way to hack this is to crowdsource knowledge from other experts.

Write a project brief with a very clear outcome of you want to achieve – whether is it build an app, a new technology and post it to Upwork.com

As the bids stream in, engage the qualified bidders through chat messaging.

Ask them for their thought processes, tools, technology stack they will use to complete the project.

Speak to 3-5 such experts and within a day or two, you will learn the equivalent of 3 days of DIY research. And to be fair to the experts, you should engage the one that offers the best solution.

Have fun. And keep hacking.

No land? No capital? Don’t worry, there’s the Internet


The old systems of wealth creation used to be either very capital or manpower intensive.

Before there were machines, you had to have land. Lots of it. Land owners hoard all the wealth.

During the Industrial revolution, you needed capital to purchase the machines and hire workers. Only a small percentage of people could be wealthy.

When the Internet came, things began to change.

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