“I can’t find talents!”

What small businesses in Singapore really need isn’t another grant or productivity scheme. What they really need is to start tapping into the world’s talent pool brought upon by globalization.

“Staff on Demand” as described in the book, “The Exponential Organizations” describes how with the Internet, any company can hire the required staff of talent needed to make their projects a reality, and grow the business exponentially. In other words, there’s really no excuse for a small business owner to say, “I can’t find talents”.

With an internet connection and through platforms such as Upwork, FreeeUp and even Fiverr, any individual or company can find staff on demand to turn their projects, dreams into reality.

IMO, this is something Singapore firms need to be doing more. There is so much talk about living in a globalized world yet so little action to take advantage of the benefits of globalization.

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