Don’t Squeeze Your Outsourcing Agency Partner Dry

I’ve done agency work, and also outsourced work to agency.

Now that I’ve been in both shoes…

The one lesson I’ve learned is this –

“NEVER SQUEEZE YOUR AGENCY PARTNER DRY to the point that he has little or no margins to work with.”

The typical Singaporean mentality is let’s squeeze so I walked away with the best deal.

But frankly, it’s just bad business.

When you as a customer fight for every single cent, and always push the agency for an extra feature, extra bonus and an extra deliverable without paying.

The agency has so little margin left that the relationship is soured.

And the key to a sustainable business is always long-term mutually beneficial relationship.

If every single time you need work done, and you have to RE-SOURCE a new vendor because you burned a relationship… you’re just fighting fire instead of building a real business.

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