You learn more when you don’t succeed on the first time


I never had any luck in getting things the first time. In fact, I’m very horrible at it.

I recalled when I first started my Internet business, I slogged for months to make my first $1,000. Yet a friend who started the same time, did $10,000 on his first month.

I recalled when I first tried to raise money to build an app, I knocked on doors for months and not got a single cent. Yet my friend on his very first meeting (I kid
you not), raised $50,000 and subsequently, another $200,000.

  • You go crazy when such things happen.
  • You feel like shit.
  • You either call it quits, let it kill you or you keep moving forward.

If you chose the latter, you’re most likely going to come back stronger.

I’ve seen first hand when success or money comes too easily, people tend to take things for granted.

They get sloppy. They lose the sense of urgency. And most of the time, they don’t CHERISH what they have on hand. This leads to a downward spiral of wastage, complaceny and stupid decisions.

So if you don’t succeed on the first, second or 9th try, don’t get disheartened. Use all your setbacks as learning experiences to eventually get what you want.

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