A Valuable Life Lesson Every Entrepreneur Should Be Reminded Of…

A very inspiring “O” level success story

There was this girl, who struggled throughout her 4 years in school for even a pass. There was one exam where she barely scored 20 points.

Teachers out of concern, advised her to drop the pure hard sciences, and take the lite versions. Yet she stubbornly refused.

Instead, she was more DETERMINED than ever. Always seeking out teachers for additional coaching. Working 2-3X harder than her peers. And constantly changing her strategy.

When the “O” level results was released, she amazed everyone in school… as she went on stage to receive her award of scoring 7 DISTINCTIONS. Her L1R5 was “5”, granting her to the top Junior Colleges.

Hearing this story from my wife reminds me how important it is to know exactly what you want, take every failure as a lesson, and use those lessons to finally get what you want.

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