“Live Cheaply” So You Can Afford To Try And Fail More…

In today’s lacklustre economy, it’s more important than ever to live “cheaply”. Personal and business spending habits. Have as little loans as possible, and have as much cashflow as possible.

When you have little debt and maximum cashflow, you can work the numbers to your favor. You can give yourself every opportunity to try out a new project, a new venture or a new idea.

The more you try, the more you produce in this economy, the “Law of Averages” will gradually kick in and take care of your downside. A very simple concept yet very difficult to implement if you have debt and little cash to invest.

Whatever your plans are, the first step is to “live cheaply” starting today. After all, in business, you can fail as many times, but you just need to be RIGHT ONCE, and you might just be set for life.

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