Hand-write Salescopy the smarter way

Seeing the BIG PICTURE in hand writing copies.

It’s a popular technique given by gurus to fledgling copywriters. And often, they don’t explain what to look out for when doing the exercise.

Hence, I often see most copywriters just blindly copying it. And when asked what they have learned, they say “It’s the way it’s written”, “It’s the style”, or “How dense the use of verbs”.

Yes, those are good learning points. BUT you’re missing the BIG PICTURE.

What you want to get at the end of the exercise is a clear breakdown of the STRUCTURE of the salescopy. And actually mentally swipe it into your brain.

Structure is one of the 4 important pillars in persuasive copywriting.

Have you experienced in school whereby that SAME CONCEPT when explained by one teacher is confusing, but becomes crystal clear when explained by another?

That’s the power of structure. And unfortunately, most copywriting courses/books never teach.

The next time you handwrite another exercise, pay attention to the structure. See how they build the argument such that you’re being sold at the end of the copy.

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