Sell the path of least resistance

Unless you’re selling to bodybuilders (think workouts like Insanity or P90x), most of your prospects would want solutions that require little work and time to implement.

One of the programs we marketed recently involved following a 21 day training plan. The basis is that you need to follow through on an activity for 21 days to form a new habit. The conversion rate is 2%. Sad.

We repositioned the offer, emphasizing it takes just 7 days, and no more than 10 minutes of practice a day to get the desired result. The conversion rate more than triple. Eventually, we had to get the expert back in to restructure the program into a tiered ladder format.

The bottomline is this. From the many emails we received, it isn’t that our readers are lazy. But they simply have too many commitments in their lives (juggling work and family) to set aside 21 days to pick up a new skill etc.

So when designing a product, make sure it can be easily ‘consumed’ by the customer. So that when you’re putting the pitch together, you can sell the path of least resistance.

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