The Windfall Mindset Is A Must For Growth Hacking

The need to extract windfalls from your business periodically.

It’s not about getting rich quick. But imagine if you’re able to go back to your customers every 1-3 months, present them with a customer-only offer, and extract anywhere from 10k to 100k in cash.

Jay Abraham talks a lot about the WINDFALL concept in his programs. Not only is it powerful, but I believe it’s a necessity.

As a small business, we all can use an EXTRA BURST of cashflow. This extra cash can then be redeployed into new marketing materials, channels, product development etc…

So FIRST, understand that it’s perfectly fine to have this “Windfall Mindset”. It’s not get rich quick.

Next, start surveying your customers to better understand what other new products or services that can be marketed to them. Since they are already customers, you will find they are an easier to sell to bunch, as compared to cold leads.

Also, if there’s goodwill established, selling them the more expensive stuff is often much easier as well.

Have fun and keep hustling.

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