Are you thinking in concepts and frameworks?

I made the decision to grow my local team this year, and I took their training very seriously, i.e I train them personally. And here’s the story: I been training this new staff for 6 months – lesson delivered in a structured format – concept, application exercise. It went well, staff demonstrated understanding for each exercise.

Then the day came to integrate the concepts and use it in a real case scenario. She bombed. And I didn’t understand why. My mentor trained me the same way and it paid off.

So i took responsibility, revised my training method. Another month passed, and the quality of work still as bad. Frustrated, I began questioning and testing her, and to my horror…

She couldn’t even articulate a single concept by heart. On further probing, it became clear, she was unable to think in concepts and frameworks.

So here’s the thing: as much as Singapore’s education system is “flawed”, I’m still grateful that it taught us to think in concepts/frameworks. The question is have you made it a point to use it in your work and daily activities?

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