“Salescopy-Market Fit” As A Scaling Strategy

It took us 3 painstakingly long months to hit 5,000 subscribers… yet another 2 months to go from 5,000 to 80,000 subscribers.

The secret sauce?

“Salescopy-Market fit”.

It simply stands for you’ve finally crafted a salescopy that appeals to your market… hence allowing you to acquire customer at a tiny profit or breakeven. And this is when things will explode.

So if the first version of your salescopy doesn’t work, don’t give up. Continue tweaking it… till you get your desired conversion rate…

Plus, it’s much easier to tweak an existing copy to Salescopy-market fit, then to create a new product/salescopy from scratch all over again.

And who knows… you might just be ONE STEP away from hitting “salescopy-market fit”.

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