Execution vs Ideas

We all heard the cliche, “Execution of one good idea is far greater than 10 great ideas”.

It is true for many beginner entrepreneurs when there is a lot of INERTIA in your life and taking massive action seems the biggest obstacle.

But as time goes by, as you become experienced and seasoned. When you have a team to help you, and when you have transformed yourself into a man of action, perhaps you might see what I see.

You might realize that being a man of contemplation comes FIRST, will there be a place for the man of action.

Ideas is the new currency of this unpredictable economy. Disruptions happen so quickly, and businesses go into stagnant as quickly as well.

You need to be an IDEA MACHINE 24/7 to find new problems to solve, new ideas to spur your stagnant business, new perspectives to frame your solutions. Because if you’re going to continue doing things the old way, you’re going out of business really soon.

Still not convinced? Think ideas are plentiful? Or that you’re an idea machine?

Here’s a challenge: Try sitting down with a pen and paper, and in the next 10 minutes, brainstorm 10 new ideas that can give you business a new stimulus of leads and cash.

Get a pen and paper, and in the next 10 minutes, brainstorm 10 NEW BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES that you can work on and grow into a million dollar

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