Statistical Significance vs Practical Significance

Marketers harped a lot on Statistical Significance. It’s as though throwing this buzzword makes you smarter. Sorry to douse cold water on you, but statistical significance is not the most important metric in conversion hacking.

Practical Significance is in fact, the determining factor. As the name suggests, is all that hacking you’re doing worth the effort? Is it practical?

I’ve seen marketers and their teams get obsessed with tweaking all that minor stuff just to get a 5-20% boost. The small stuff includes: color of the headline, font type, size, weight, buy now buttons as well as making small changes to headlines. And I understand the train of thought… many small boosts equal a huge win. Really?

Well, Practical Significance is only concerned with whether the result is useful in the real world. Tweaking the small stuff is useful, but would never have the same impact and weightage as tweaking the major stuff – the BIG IDEA, the hook, the PROOF elements.

Statistical significance vs Practical significance. Make sure you focus more on practical significance.

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