How to hack your Direct Response funnels for scale?

Direct response is a god-send.

With just a few hundred dollars, and some skills, a direct response marketer can scale a funnel by reinvesting the earnings again and again to millions of dollars. And that’s probably the most amazing “invention” since sliced bread.

Yet at the same time, direct response funnels in general has a huge limitation.

It has a ZERO or sometimes negative viral coefficient.

It’s no surprise since direct response focuses a lot on hard selling… where we are often too focused on that immediate sale, that we forsaken the long-term relationship we can build with the customer.

So to scale, this means putting in more advertising dollars (more PUSH marketing) till the whole thing falls apart.

So how do we hack this?

Take a leaf out of the “Billion Dollars Startups” playbook… companies such as Dropbox, AirBNB… they don’t grow to that scale purely on advertising dollars.

They have a very positive viral coefficient.

P.S Your viral coefficient must be greater than 1 to have viral growth.

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