“10 Ideas A Day” as a Creativity Strategy

I used to think IDEA generation is all about waiting for inspiration to hit.

Sometimes I get lucky, yet most of the time… NIL. It was not only bad for business (ideas the true lifeblood of a business), I felt there was NO CONTROL.

Fast forward today, I’ve adopted the “10 Ideas A Day” approach. Every morning, I would look for an area of life I want to improve or a challenge that needs to be solved… and FORCE myself to come out with 10 ideas.

In the beginning, it was a slow, tedious and painful process. The ideas often mediocre. Yet after 7 days, not only has it become habitual, quality of ideas has improved drastically as well.

So if you’re still waiting for “AHA” moments that never happen, I suggest try the “10 Ideas a Day” approach.

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