Working Memory Advantage As A Personal Growth Strategy

Our society for the last century has been obsessed with IQ. Parents and educators have for the longest time relied on IQ as the predictor of success.

The higher the IQ, the more you are destined for success. Right?

Well, there’s increasing debate to say Emotional Intelligence, Creative Intelligence or even Adversity Intelligence is more important that IQ. More often they sound like gimmicks to me for the authors to sell more books.

The ONLY convincing argument I read so far is the “Working Memory Advantage” written by several PhD holders.

If IQ is often associated with a person’s ability to recall hard facts or how vast one’s vocabulary is (crystallized knowledge).

Working Memory is one’s ability to put this crystallized knowledge to work by rearranging, adding, and subtracting from it to produce a constructive output.

Sounds like what Entrepreneurs do daily, isn’t it?

The Working Memory Advantage is a great book to read. And it’s currently retailing for just $2.95 on Amazon. What a steal!

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