Test More, Test Often, Test Fast And Test As Cheaply As Possible

I remember those days when I was speaking and building a seminar business.

An insertion into Straits Times cost at least $3,000. And the placement generally suck.

Oh, and you can’t deal directly with SPH. You have to go through a “middleman”, adding to costs.

A $3,000 well-written Direct Response ad would at best pulled 30 leads.

This meant the cost per lead acquisition was $100.

Fast forward today, especially with Facebook as an advertising platform, it’s never been so affordable to generate high quality leads – even for the seminar business.

The Internet and rise of platforms has made it ever easier to test new ideas, products and services.

And you can get results as quickly as within a day.

This is the ONLY time you can actually TEST MORE, TEST OFTEN, TEST QUICKLY without burning a big hole in your pocket.

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