Systems First, Goals Second


Many of us grew up basked in Personal Development literature.

Whether is it books from Adam Khoo, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar or Jim Rohn

They stressed upon the importance of goal setting.

And whether is it make a million dollars, lose 10kg or get 100,000 visitors to our website

We have all experienced the disappointment of not hitting those goals.

Not because of the lack of drive, persistence or determination.

But rather the lack of a SYSTEM.

Let me explain: Goals Theory vs System Theory with a few examples.

Goal: I want to make $10,000 a month in 3 months using the Internet
System: I will launch 3 campaigns a day on Facebook to find my winners

Goal: I want 10k visitors a month to my blog
System: I will blog one post a day and focus on long tail keywords.

Goal: I want to grow my Instagram account to 100,000 fans.
System: I will guest write on one popular blog every single day.

Being goal-oriented alone ONLY gives you direction and clarity to move forward.

But being system-oriented guarantees you’re taking the necessary actions every day to make progress to your goal.

Start putting systems behind your goals today.

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