No land? No capital? Don’t worry, there’s the Internet

The old systems of wealth creation used to be either very capital or manpower intensive.

Before there were machines, you had to have land. Lots of it. Land owners hoard all the wealth.

During the Industrial revolution, you needed capital to purchase the machines and hire workers. Only a small percentage of people could be wealthy.

When the Internet came, things began to change.

The Internet gave rise to SUPER PLATFORMS.

Platforms such as the App Store, Facebook, Google etc… where there are millions and even billions of users onboard it.

All you need today is a product (an app, book or software) and a few ads and you can have a thriving business.

Welcome to the age of SUPER PLATFORMS.

P.S The next level to this, is of course, to build your own super platform. That’s the surest way to your first B.

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