Know your business strategy for bringing in prospects or clients

If you’re strategic, every month sees your business bringing in clients and prospects at a predictable rate from the best performing sources you’ve identified as the most viable.

You have an unshakable system in place that progressively and sequentially moves your prospects down an evolutionary line:

A lead or prospect gets converted to a first-time buyer (ideally a multi-product or service buyer in the first transaction), then he becomes a repeat buyer, then he evolves into a more advanced buyer, and so on.

And along the way, he stimulates referrals, who then get moved along the same evolutionary line.

Each new referral grows in his or her purchasing capacity and helps you attract new clients. Before you know, your business is expanding prosperously in all directions at once.

Strategic businesses have ongoing systems that are constantly converting clients.

They have carefully analysed their sales data to find quantitative data connecting the correlations between different types of prospects or buyers and different origins.

They know where to big vein of profits, and they dig there first and foremost.

Source: Taken from The Sticking Point by Jay Abraham

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