How To Hack To Get Your Content Page Up

A quick way to qualify content writers and get new perspectives for your product

The next time you need to create an eBook or get a whitepaper written for a topic you’re not too familiar…

Try this:

Post your Project brief as usual to any of the freelancing websites.

After 2-3 days, review the bids and shortlist your writers.

Next, send the below message to each of the writers 


Hi there,

Thank you for your interest. We have received 4 qualified bids in total, from writers specialized in the [your domain] field.

To better understand if you’re a good fit, can you kindly draft an outline in no more than 300 words, the topics you would discuss in this [insert your topic] Book.

If we don’t receive an outline from you, we will take that you’re no longer interested in this project.


Sit and wait for the outlines to stream in.

Not only would you find a better qualified writer, you ALSO get outlines of various perspectives for your product.

Enjoy n keep hustling.

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