A New App Idea For First-Time Dads

I was at Baby Fair yesterday, shopping for the essentials for my first newborn. As a first-time Dad, I was clueless of what each item (diapers, strollers etc) truly costs.

And speaking to the promoters at the various booths didn’t help… as everyone was claiming their prices were the “lowest”, “best” or “their bundle special was special”.

Skeptical, I started checking prices on Qoo10, Lazada, Amazon to see if there was a BETTER DEAL. Sure, some booths indeed had better prices, but overall, the ecommerce stores were more competitive.

Unfortunately, this was a TEDIOUS process as I had to keep retyping the product name into the various apps, and note the prices down in my head.

Life would be much easier if there was a PRICE AGGREGATOR APP that compares prices across major ecommerce stores (Qoo10, Lazada, Redmart, Carousell).

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