The importance of Mentor and Honest Feedback

As an entrepreneur, I used to think I was really ‘creative’.
That was until I met my copywriting mentor.
In many of the training sessions, he had proven to me time to time that I just wasn’t up to mark.
And he didn’t hold back as he told me straight in the face how boring and dull my ideas were.
At the beginning, I took it very personally. Who wouldn’t?

We Chinese have a saying, “Good medicine tastes bitter. The best advice is the hardest to take.”
His honest feedback was TIMELY and what I needed the most.
I’ve worked very diligently over the last year and a half on strengthening the ‘creativity muscle’… and I’ve been reaping the dividends ever since.
We all need that someone in our lives who’s willing to give us honest, no-holds barred feedback.

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