Obsession is the biggest personal growth multiplier

I get obsessed easily. 

I remembered as a kid I was an obsessive competitive gamer. I ‘trained’ everyday, making it to TOP 4 in the World Cyber Games Challenge Singapore. Needless to say, my grades suffered.

So I became obsessed with my grades. I needed to redeem my pride…

So I studied till I was top 10 in class. After army, I became obsessed with making money. That led me to Internet marketing. To learn HTML, I could sit on the desk from 9am – 12 midnight.

Then I became obsessed with copywriting. I hired the TOP copywriting coach to mentor me. He put me through HELL. I survived, and walk away with a valuable skillset.

Along the way, there was also Muay Thai which I got very good at…

There’s so much LEVERAGE in the habit of obsession.

You just need to harness it the right way.

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