How to position Upsells that convert

1. The UPGRADE to advanced package. You simply promise the customer something even BETTER or BIGGER.

Example: oh hey, you paid $37 for 7 foundation techniques earlier. Because you’re a customer, here’s 21 ADVANCED techniques for just $27.

The more obvious how your upsell is indeed better or bigger, the easier it sells.

2. ACCELERATION. You simply promise the customer that he can get results FASTER with this new product.

Example: Look, I know you want to get results fast. So with this new acceleration program, I’m going to make it happen by [coaching/email support blah blah]

The more obvious how your upsell can accelerate the process, the easier it sells.

3. Complementary. I call this the cross-sell. You assume that because customer bought product X, he’s likely to want product Y as well.

Example: Look, you bought this product on memory improvement. My most successful customers also buy my focus improvement product.

#3 usually converts the worst for me.

I’m sure there are more ways to upsell. Do tell me your favorite positioning pitch.


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