Here’s A Strategy To Become A Better Copywriter

Most copywriters even after years of “training” make very little improvements for this one reason. They are unable to quantify if their work has led to an improvement or decrease.

If you truly want to hone your craft, you need to test your new copy with a traffic source, and let the DATA validate your ideas/assumptions. Only through this process, will you eventually ever improve.

If you’re going to say, I read this copywriting book… and that… and expect to improve, you’re kidding yourself.


  1. Work with DM clients that have access to LOTS OF traffic. They can test your copy cost effectively… and update you as your copy progresses. Local clients are generally horrible at this, for they have little traffic, and they are out to squeeze you most of the time, by telling you your copy is not working (Sounds familiar?)
  2. Learn to master a traffic source that you can run traffic to your own works.

In other words, if you don’t let DATA do the talking. You’re going to be a mediocre copywriter at best.

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