Be Open-Minded When It Comes To Lead Generation

Too many companies obsess over a single form of lead generation and ignore the others, often because of some past experience.

There’s marketing evangelists: “We don’t want to interrupt prospects, we only want them to find us.”

Then there are product evangelists: “If you have to market and sell your product, it’s not good enough.” (Psst: Google says this all the time!)

And finally there’s sales evangelists: “Marketing is a waste of money. Only direct sales works.”

So here’s the funny thing.

I do a lot PAID MEDIA. But when I ventured into tech, VCs generally look down on paid media. To many of them, if you need to advertise, your product stinks. Show them a paid advertising campaign, and they send you out of the door! =p

Yet the truth is, you’re missing out on bigger opportunities by thinking this way. You’re limiting the growth of your product if you insist on just ONE way of getting traffic.

Because, LIKE KAYA AND BUTTER, inbound and outbound marketing are two great tastes that go great together – especially when served up with a great piece of toast bread (a fantastic product).

P.S If you’ve a paid media campaign on Adwords that’s doing well, port it over to Yahoo/MSN. Once you’ve the converting keywords, start doing your SEO and content marketing. If your niche is huge enough, these few sources can most likely drive you 50,000 – 100,000 leads on autopilot every month.

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